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Have Fun in the Sun with these Summer Time Must Haves!

Updated: Jun 14

Summer is just around the corner! Are you ready for all the summer time activities? No? We got you covered! Below are top 10 MUST HAVES for you to get outside, enjoy life and have fun in the sun!

Whether you like to go camping, lounge by the pool or even head to the nearest beach…. Get out there and live your best life!

As mentioned previously on other articles… as an Amazon Associate, we may earn on qualifying purchases. However, we also have our own selections that we have carefully curated for every occasion! Take a look at our collections here! For first time purchases, Use the below coupon code for a 10% discount off your first purchase with us!


Whether you choose to buy from us or, Amazon or wherever you get your supplies… just remember… be bold, be unique and always… BE YOU!

1. Beach Towels!

The first on our list might seem kind of obvious when we are talking about “fun in the sun”… but these towels are truly amazing! These towels from Elite Trend are made of micro fiber, so are quick drying and sand free! The best option for the beach… but great for all occasions such as camping, yoga or simply lounging by the pool!

One of the best things about this towel, is that it is super lightweight, compact and comes with a travel back with a loop, so it is not difficult to pack and take anywhere.

This towel has a double-sided print and has SO many print and color choices…. So choose the one that bests suits you!

2. Picnic Basket! Or…. Backpack?

Sometimes it is SUCH a nice day… that all you want to do is be outside! Why not take advantage of those days and invite your friends, or that special someone, and get out there and have a picnic at the park or beach!

This Picnic backpack from Sunflora makes it super convenient and way easier to carry than a picnic basket! This particular backpack is used for up to 4 people and comes with:

  • Stainless steel flatware

  • Hard melamine plates

  • 4 wine glasses

  • 1 cheese knife

  • 1 wine opener

  • Metal salt /pepper shakers

  • Bamboo cutting board!

It also has space on the side to pack your blanket and a bottle of wine! (Not to mention all the space for all your yummy food!)

3. Go Camping!

For those of you that like to get out there and disconnect from civilization and explore the wilderness… a tent is definitely a must have for you!

This tent put out by Coleman, holds up to 8 people so makes it a great purchase when going with friends or family! This tent is one that you would have for years… as it is built to last with double-thick fabric and is built to stand up to the elements of all


4. Beach Chairs!

When I go to the beach, my friends always joke with how much I bring with me… what? I like to be prepared! One of the things I bring is a beach chair… I find it is just a little more comfortable and super convenient!

Tommy Bahama puts out these super lightweight, low the ground beach chairs that are one of my must haves, for sure! With backpack straps for hands free carrying, insulated cup holders to keep your drink cold and easy-adjust recline options this truly is one of our favorite beach/camping niceties that really is more of a requirement these days!

5. Wine Tumblers!

Whenever you spend long periods of time in the sun, it is always a great idea to stay hydrated! … ok ok, we know that this is not what they really mean by “stay hydrated” but why not sip a little rose when soaking up those rays???

And there is nothing worse than drinking hot rose…. That’s what makes these wine tumblers by Chillout Life so perfect! With stainless steel double wall insulation, your wine won’t be warm for hours! And let’s be honest, it won’t take you that long to finish a glass of wine 😉

So, whether you are going to the beach, laying by the pool or even just hanging around a camp fire, get rid of those single use solo cups and get these reusable wineglasses for your next adventure outside!

6. Wireless Speakers!

These days, what would we do without having compact, Bluetooth portable speakers?? I mean… you can literally have a theme song of your life following you around all the time! (I wouldn’t recommend doing this… but you could!)

In all seriousness, music really does set the mood. With this portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, you can use it to set the mood for all sorts of activities! The best part of this little speaker, is that it is not only durable but WATERPROOF! So, no need to worry about spills, rain or even dripping on it when you get out of the pool/ocean!

The next time you head out for a day of fun outside, be sure to take this with you!

7. A Floatie for Your Cocktail!

Planning on throwing a pool party? These inflatable drink holders are DEFINITELY a must have!

Ok… well… I wouldn’t JUST use this for a pool party… but even just lounging on a floating lounger by myself! Like I said before… stay hydrated! 😊

GoFloats puts out these adorable floating drink holders in a pack of 3 and in all sorts of designs. Our favorite are the UNICORNS!

8. Citronella Outdoor Torch

We all know how pesky it can be to have gnats flying around our face or being eaten alive by mosquitos when spending time outside. I mean… we love being outside, but we don’t want these little guys to ruin our time!

And although, off spray is great, you don’t always want to spray yourself to keep them off of you! That’s where these garden torches come in handy! These aren’t just convenient, but the long-lasting burn life on these set hours of ambience for you to enjoy being outdoors! Just fill it up with citronella burning oil, light it up and enjoy!

9. Beach Umbrella

As much as we LOVE going to the beach and soaking up those rays… it is nice to have a little area to retreat under to cool down and get out of the sun.

This beach umbrella, by Sport-Brella, is the PERFECT solution. This is no regular umbrella! This one comes with sides that come down and act like a canopy to offer more coverage and shade when you just need a little break from the sun. It even has little zipper windows on either side so you can still get that nice breeze coming through!

This umbrella is just perfect for the beach… with it’s UPF 50+ sun and weather protection, it also repels water, so can protect from more than just the sun.

10. Smoke Free Fire Pit

Ok… we know this was mentioned before in one of our other blog posts… but it is worth posting again. Especially when talking about being outside! Summer time isn’t just about being outside during the day… but enjoying the nice cool evenings is one of the perks of summer time.

This fire pit put out by Solo Stove is one of the best little fire pits out there. With their 360-degree signature airflow technology, you get the outside firepit/bonfire experience without being hit with a face full of smoke!

As this is portable, it is easily used for roasting marsh mellows at a camp site, or a simple night at home in the backyard with some friends.

With a removeable ash pan and base plate it makes it easier to use and clean without the mess!

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