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Top 10 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Here at b-u everyday we are all about celebrating life and being yourself! What better way than to upgrade your home with simple things to make you feel more YOU! Because, after all, your home is your safe haven, so why not make your home a reflection of your b-u-tiful self!

Today we are recommending products that will upgrade your life at home!

Below are top 10 products we hope will do just that! Remember… to be bold, be unique and always… BE YOU!

1. Upgrade Your Bathroom with this Towel Warmer

Want to upgrade your bathroom with a spa like experience? This towel warming basket from Live Fine can keep you cozy after a nice hot shower or bath. Just pop in your towel or bath robe and set the desired temperature while you take your shower/bath!

Click here to watch a video and learn more!

2. Up your Wine Glass Game!

Sometimes, there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Whether you are taking a little you time and enjoying a glass on your own or sharing the experience with some friends … you deserve it!

And not only does the wine count, but you feel a little classier with a nice glass in hand.

Up your wine glass game with these hand blown Italian style crystal Bordeaux wine glasses from JBHO!

3. Upgrade your TV/Movie Watching Experience!

Why watch TV or Movies at home without putting on a real show! You can use these amazing LED Backlights for your TV from Govee Dreamview and really enjoy the experience. Their 1080p intelligent camera captures the light displayed on the screen and automatically applies it to the backlights!

Take a look at the video here to see what we are talking about!

Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie on this TV???

4. Set the Tone of the Day with these Amazing LED Bathroom Mirrors!

Upgrading your home and the way you feel in it, doesn’t mean you have to destroy your budget with construction work or expensive home renovations! Simply upgrade the small things that will give your home and mood the extra boost you want!

These LED front lit bathroom mirrors from Keonjinn will do just that! These mirrors will brighten up your bathroom and set the tone of the day. You got this!

Take a look at this video from Keonjinn here!

5. Edison Bulbs!

Ok… so these aren’t that “new” on the market… but DEFINITELY add character to your space! Not only is this a simple and cost efficient way to upgrade your space… but it lets a little bit of your fun personality shine through.

Be creative with your lighting in your home with these Edison Bulbs from Goendr!

6. Premade Wall Panel Molding

Ever look at a wall with these panels on it and wonder how difficult it would be to add to your home? Ekena Millwork Company make it SO easy with these premade wall panel molds.

Upgrade a boring doors, hallways or stairways with these easy-to-use preassembled wall panel molds. They are sure to impress! They are factory primed and ready to pain or faux finish as you wish.

7. Ceiling Galaxy Projector!!!

Ok… whether it is brining out the inner child in you or if you want to set the mood for a little romance, this Galaxy Projector from Rosetta will be sure to appeal to anyone!

Take a look at how it works here!

This specific model is a 3-in1 star project which includes: An aurora projector, Bluetooth speaker and white noise machine. With these features, as well as a remote control and auto off timer feature, this would not only be a great addition to your home… but a great gift for anyone!

8. Plants!

Plants are a REALLY easy way to add a bit of personality to your home. Not only do these add a bit of color and bring some of the outside into your home… but it really makes for a relaxing environment! We have plants ALL over our house and it really just makes you happy!

Take a look at these easy to grow indoor plants from Plants for Pets.

9. Upgrade Your Shower Experience

Any easy way to upgrade your shower is to upgrade the shower head! Especially if it doesn’t require a plumber to install! This waterfall shower head from SparkPod has a wide angle shower head that sets it apart from the others.

With as easy as it is to install you are minutes away from a spa like experience and unwind under gentle rain to wash the worries of the world away!

10. Interlocking Hardwood Deck Tiles

Another easy way to upgrade your space (whether you only have a balcony or even have a courtyard or deck) is to install these beautiful interlocking hardwood deck tiles, from Interbuild Acacia.

These tiles have interlocking clips allowing you to click into place easily, creating unique flooring for the space of your choosing! They can also be easily unsnapped if you want to store seasonally.

See how easy it is to install here!

So... In conclusion, your home is your sanctuary, so make sure it reflects YOU! These are certain products we recommend to help upgrade your home to do just that.

As a reminder, as an associate with Amazon, we do earn based on qualifying purchases. These are not our products... but things we wish to recommend to help elevate your life and home!

Remember be BOLD, be UNIQUE and as always... BE YOU!!!!


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