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Top 10 Products to Help Celebrate Life at PRIDE!

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

We are all about celebrating life and being yourself! What better time to do this but PRIDE!?!?! As pride season is nearing, we understand how important it is to let your colors shine… but even more important to understand is that you let your colors shine and be who YOU are everyday!

Today we are recommending products that will let you celebrate you and be proud of who YOU are everyday.

Although, as an Amazon Associate, we may earn on qualifying purchases, below are top 10 products that we truly recommend to celebrate pride all year long!

We also have a collection of all sorts of PRIDE Products! Just click on "Collections" above and feel free to peruse any of our collections!

Remember… be bold, be unique and always… BE YOU!

1. The Good Old PRIDE Flag!

It seems obvious that the first thing on our list should be the pride Flag. This is a great way to show YOUR pride but way to show your support for the LGBT community… whether you are part of the community or an ally.

This pride Flag put out by Anley is a great option! With its durable craftmanship, fadeproof material and bright vibrant colors, makes it the perfect flag for your home!

2. Your Apple Watch Band!

Showing pride doesn’t have to be restricted to the time of year we are told to celebrate! But having simple things that make you feel proud of who you are everyday is really what we aim for!

These Apple Watch bands from Qimela are not necessarily “Pride” bands… but will definitely make you stand out and show your personality!

3. Pride Apparel!

It also seems pretty obvious, as an easy way to show pride, is to wear pride clothes! We think it is great when we see big brands showing their support in the LGBT community by putting out a few Pride related items in their collection! However, there are companies out there that are LGBTQ+ owned and operated, or even out to do good for our community!

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is one of those! Following, donating or purchasing merchandise from The Human Rights Campaign Foundation will not only spread awareness of what they do, but also benefits our community! 100% of their proceeds is put to their fight on LGBTQ+ equality!

4. Couple’s Bracelets

While it is important to love yourself and be proud of who YOU are, if you are in a relationship, it is also important to be the best you can be with your partner! Part of this can be showing pride in being in your special relationship. This doesn’t mean it has to be a significant other but maybe a best friend, soul mate or a family member.

Whoever you choose, these cute little magnetic bracelets from Tarsus are a great option to showing love and pride for your special someone. We love the symbolism this company is trying to portray… “Our paths may change as life goes on, but the bond between us remains forever strong.”

5. Start Your Day off with This Coffee Mug!

It might seem silly… but an ‘inspirational’ coffee mug might just brighten your morning and set your mood for the day! This coffee mug’s quote is everything we are all about! “Today Will Be Magical” and on the other side… words to live by “Believe In Yourself”.

These quotes with words of wisdom, coupled with the beautiful colors of the rainbow and a fancy unicorn, makes this coffee mug, by Enesco, one of our FAVORITES!

6. PRIDE Sunglasses!

Getting all dressed up and decked out for Pride is always fun! If you have ever been to pride, you know that people go all out! It just makes pride… well… PRIDE! And we LOVE it!

These glasses by Retro Optics might seem a little tame, compared to some of the outfits or styles you will see… but they sure are a GREAT accessory for pride!

7. Beach Towels!

Pride is usually set during the warmest time of year… so go out and have fun in the sun! These beach towels put out by Eccosophy are amazing! They have so many cool designs including a bright rainbow-colored pattern. Not only are they cool looking with 2 sided prints, but they are SUPER functional too!

They are made of a thin absorbent microfiber, making it quick drying and super easy to pack and carry. Not only is it quick drying and compact, but sand doesn’t stick to micro-fiber so it makes it super convenient and not messy!

Choose one of these bright towels that fit your personality on your way to a beach or pool party for during pride!

8. Throw a PRIDE Themed Dinner Party!

Tasty put out this cookbook with 75 recipes and stories from the LGBTQ+ Community and it is FACTASTIC! For all of the foodies out there, this book comes with a lot of great recipes but also has a bunch of great stories and meaningful messages throughout.

Our favorite message in this book is:

“This book and the stories within it prove that there is a seat at the table for all of us.”

What a special message… and what a way to support our community and portray a message that we are all welcome to the table.

9. Take Pictures!

When you are setting up your party for PRIDE make sure that you have a little section devoted to Polaroids! I know it may seem a little basic… but it is a crowd favorite! Plus it is a great way to remember how much fun you had with all your friends and expressing yourselves!

This Polaroid camera is an essential when throwing a party with friends!

10. This Giant Unicorn Pool Float!

This is last on our list today, but definitely not least! I mean… it is a giant rainbow UNICORN! What’s NOT to love about this!

Get this giant pool float for your next pool party… or even just to lounge on in the pool when being lazy at home! It is large enough to hold 2 adults… so definitely spacious enough to lay on and feel comfortable while soaking up those rays!

This is always a party favorite and will definitely be a favorite at your next party!


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